Stilo WRC DES 9V Intercom. Built in new noise filter settings, 9V

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WRC Des 9V is a simplified version of the WRC Des Evo. It features the best of Stilo’s noise cancellation, thanks to the same “Extra Filter” as the EVO. It can be powered also with a 9V battery as well as the car power supply. It does not feature Bluetooth connection with mobile phones.

- The best Stilo audio quality and the maximum handiness for a price with no equal
- Improved for a better noise cancellation - WRC DES EVO
- Camera or Radio connection
- Powered by a 9 volt battery or fed from the car power supply

Extra Filter even more effective. 
Moving the switch to “Extra Filter” the background noises are strongly damped and the co-driver voice’s louder to the driver. Since the driver’s voice sounds lower to the co-driver, it is recommended that the Extra Filter is set to off during transfers

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