STILO WRC DES Composite Turismo - Snell SA2015 FIA 8859-15 Hans FIA8858-10

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USAGE: Circuit

MATERIAL:  fiberglass – kevlar MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber)

CERTIFICATION: Snell SA2015 FIA 8859-15 Hans FIA8858-10

WEIGHT (intercom included):
Small shell 1.450 +-30 gr. *
Large shell 1.530 +-30 gr. *

INTERCOM: Integrated intercom (Earmuffs with speakers, magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone, intercom connection plug)



* Microphone boom and plug integrated
* Adjustments: microphone position, peak, earmuffs pressure
* Optional set up: adjustable short visor


DJUSTABLE PEAKS: The peak can be lowered allowing good visibility to the driver even when the sun is low on the horizon.

ANTI-SCRATCH VISORS: High optical quality flipup visor with safaety lock in open mode (optional).

EARMUFFS: Certified for rally and racing use, they make the helmet perfectly soundproof. The pressure on the driver’s head can be adjusted with special foam paddings of various thicknesses to be positioned with Velcro right behind the earmuffs. In the Rally version speakers are installed while in the Touring version they are removable and free from cables. Should you wish to hear more of the external sounds earmuffs can be replaced with dedicated earcushions provided with the helmet.

ADJUSTABLE MICROPHONE: WRC DES is fitted with an easily adjustable microphone boom. All it takes is to remove the boom padding and to use the provided spacers to move the microphone 5, 10 or 15 mm closer to the mouth.Dedicated spacers to adjust the position with respect to the driver’s mouth come as standard equipment.

                WRC 03 Intercom

WRC 03 Intercom

Manufacturer Stilo
Usage Circuit
Certification FIA 8859-2015, SNELL SA2015
Sizes XS-ΧL
Weight Small shell 1.450+-30 gr. Large shell 1.530+-30 gr.